Why Roseann Bennett Started To Use Canine Assisted Therapy In Her Practice

Roseann Bennett, LFMT, is a Hackettstown, New Jersey-based therapist. She specializes in marriage and family therapy and maintains a caseload of adolescents. Bennett started the Center for Assessment and Treatment which provides help to people from all walks of life. Her center is a nonprofit and she says that they have been able to maintain their independence by not relying on outside funding which comes with a lot of bureaucracy.


In addition to maintaining her own caseload, Roseann Bennet is also her center’s executive director. In this role, she makes sure the day-to-day operations are carried out successfully and she designs the curriculum for the programs at her center. She says the goal is to run the clinic in a way that is most beneficial for the community she helps.


One way that Roseann Bennett treats patients is through Canine Assisted Therapy. She says that animals have been helping people for millennia in regard to leading more productive and meaningful lives. She brought a therapy dog, Jack, into her practice a few years ago. She says that Jack is not used in lieu of therapy that is already proving to work for a particular patient. She says that she introduces Jack to patients who she sees as their therapy being enhanced by his presence in the room.


When it comes to canine assisted therapy, Roseann Bennett used an evidence-based approach. She says she has researched therapy studies which have provided positive results. The mix of traditional therapeutic measures and canine assisted therapy has resulted in a number of her patients being able to open up and become more relaxed. She says that this therapy is particularly effective for children on the Autism spectrum. More about Roseann Bennett and canine assisted therapy can be found HERE.


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