The Manhattan Penthouse

Planning a wedding is a very exciting, and stressful time for many brides and grooms to be. There is so much to consider, and even more decisions to make. The aspect of planning a wedding that can be the most time consuming is finding the right venue. You can drive all over town, waste precious time on telephone hold, or adhere to a few basic tips that will make this task much easier.


New York City has some of the most fabulous venues that would compliment any wedding. To get started with potential possibilities, make a list that would include all of the pertinent information for the venue. Make a spreadsheet with the following headers: Name of venue, location of venue, and how many people it will accommodate. Additionally, will it be available on the date needed, type of venue, a general layout of structure, the rate, and final cost. Inquire about parking, public transportation, what they will provide in terms of tables, chairs, etc. You also want to know if they have any restrictions on catering. Have several venues on this list, then choose a few to re-visit.


Once you have narrowed down your options, there are some questions that you should ask yourself. First, determine if you can afford the venue, and if it available on your wedding date. Then you want to be sure that the venue will hold all of the intended guests, and if the layout will work for you. Consider the location and feel confident that it will be convenient for as many of your guests as possible. If public transportation will be used, the location needs to be on a non complicated route. Making bus transfers can get confusing to visitors in New York City. Finding a venue for a wedding does not have to be a challenging experience. You can make your search easy with a plan. Explore all of your options, and you will feel confident with the choice that you make.