Roseann Bennett Weighs-In On The Benefits And Downsides Of Telemedicine


Roseann Bennett is the Co-Founder for the Center for Treatment and Assessment, which is a nonprofit mental health agency that works with people in need. She earned her master’s degree in marriage and family therapy while studying at Seton Hall University and also received a master’s certification in cognitive behavior therapy from the REACH Institute. She is also a Certified Child and Adolescent Trauma Professional as well as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional who has been working with families for years.

Roseann Bennett has been taking a closer look at Telemedicine lately, which has been brought about by new technology. She understands that there are some benefits of telemedicine but also believes that it would be a mistake to replace face to face therapy with it. Telemedicine allows patients and therapists to connect with each other at a distance through technology. This once happened through telephone calls but can now take place through video conferencing.

Roseann Bennett agrees that Telemedicine can be very convenient and that it can even save many patients money. Modern life is busy, and being able to attend appointments through virtual means can save people a lot of time. This also cuts down on the need for traveling to an appointment. Instead of having to wait for months for an open appointment, telemedicine makes it possible to be seen in the same day. The cost of gas or other travel expenses and even the cost of the visit, itself, can be lowered through telemedicine. While all of this is true, Roseann Bennett also knows there are some downsides.

First off, telemedicine lacks real, live human interaction. Secondly, people’s privacy can be compromised due to data breaches or online hackers. Errors can also be made that would not occur during a live visit. All in all, Bennett thinks that some people can benefit from telemedicine. Go To This Page for more information.


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Betsy DeVos: Why she Deserves the U.S. Education Secretary Post

Elizabeth “Betsy” DeVos is a proven innovator, an advocate, a disruptor, and a leader in several fields including education, business, and politics. She has pioneered the fight to enact change and remove barriers to allow people to thrive. Betsy was the former Chairman of the Windquest Group. A Michigan-based firm that is privately owned. Betsy has also been active in politics for over 35 years. She was the former chair of the Michigan Republican Party, a position that she held four times. Additionally, she has been in numerous leadership positions with party organizations, campaigns, and PACs. Today, her efforts are focused on achieving choice in the education sector.

Philanthropic Giving

Betsy is part of the DeVos family, which has given extensively to charity. Their charitable giving can be traced back decades. Betsy feels quite optimistic about her advocacy for choice in school programs. For instance, she is happy that about 25,000 students are enrolled in publicly funded private choice programs in Washing D.C. and 17 states. She is also quite proud that the movement for choice in school programs is picking up so much momentum. Besides that, she says that polling indicates that private choice programs are viewed quite favorably in most places around the country. According to Betsy DeVos, part of the reason why private choice schooling is gaining so much momentum is the realization that public schooling is not working. In fact, she is quite clear that it is failing in some places. The result is that people are more open to reforms such as tax credits, vouchers, and education savings accounts. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

How Betsy DeVos Got Inspired to Seek Reform in the Education Sector

Her interest in education reforms began when her children grew up and reached school-going age. She was inspired to help families of low-income status find the right schools for their kids. If she and her husband could choose a school for their children, it only seemed fair that low-income families should have choices too. Her initial involvement was by starting a foundation that offered low-income families scholarships so that they could choose where their kids schooled. Because of that effort, she realized that she was having an impact, but it was too small. The result was that most kids would never get the choice that they deserved. Betsy is quite active in her community. She has served as the chair of numerous charitable organizations such as the American Federation for Children. She is an alumnus of Holland Christian High School. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is married to philanthropist, entrepreneur, and community activist Dick DeVos. Together, they have been blessed with four kids and five grandchildren. Visit her website for more info at

Dick DeVos’s Lifetime Giving And Business Career

Dick DeVos is the founder and Chairman of The Windquest Group, a special business investment company he founded over 25 years ago. He’s also the husband of Betsy DeVos, the new Secretary of Education picked by President Trump. As a business leader Dick and Betsy have made their share of money, but they’ve also given a lot of it back to Grand Rapids and non-profit groups. They are staunch Republican Party activists, but they’ve only contributed a small percentage of their overall gifts to political candidates over the years. The DeVos’s decided it was time to shed a little light on their lifetime giving in light of Betsy’s confirmation, and the reports estimate that giving to be around $139 million.


Dick DeVos began his business career at the company his father co-founded, Amway Corporation. Dick’s father, Richard DeVos Sr. was a key supporter of former President Gerald R. Ford and is also the current owner of the NBA’s Orlando Magic. Amway Corporation is a multilevel marketing company that’s helped people go into business for themselves through reselling various household and health and beauty products. Dick was a company manager for several years until he became vice president of operations. He left the company briefly and founded The Windquest Group and ran for the Michigan State Board of Education, but then returned and took over as CEO of Amway. He held that position for 10 years until stepping down to run only The Windquest Group.


Dick and Betsy have made education one of their first priorities in philanthropy. They saw the desire that many lower income families had to send their children to private and charter schools that they couldn’t afford, and through the DeVos Foundation Dick and Betsy funded scholarships for these families. They tried to take it a step further by lobbying for state legislature for tax credits and private school vouchers but came up short. They are also charter school supporters that helped grow charter schools in the state through the Great Lakes Project.


In addition to education, Dick DeVos has given to many civic organizations and sat on the board of committees such as Grand Action, a committee that led a redevelopment project for downtown Grand Rapids. He’s also given to several children’s hospitals and is the honorary recipient of the Spectrum Health Foundation Art of Giving Award. He’s also helped fund arts foundations such as ArtPrize, and also made a large donation to the Kennedy Center’s Institute for Arts Management that was renamed in his and Betsy’s honor. Dick DeVos was also a former candidate for governor in the 2006 race, and also was instrumental in the passing of a 2012 right-to-work law. He’s the author of the 1998 New York Times bestseller Rediscovering American Values.