Jeunesse Global Develops Groundbreaking Multivitamins

Jeunesse Global is quickly becoming a household name and one of the most renowned health and beauty companies in the world. Its products have been changing people’s lives for the better, bringing youth and beauty to an entire generation of people. Jeunesse has coined the phrase Generation Young to describe the first generation in the history of mankind that will have all of the tools and products at its disposal to live a truly healthy and rewarding life into advanced age.

The company was founded by legendary health and beauty experts Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The couple had long been financially successful, trying numerous times to retire. But the allure of the business world always ended up calling them back into its grips. On their third try at the retired life, the couple again found themselves to be succumbing to boredom. Lewis began selling a few items out of the couple’s garage on her spare time. Before long, Ray had also began participating. Shortly thereafter, Jeunesse Global was officially born.

That was in 2009. Over the next 9 years, Ray and Lewis would grow Jeunesse Global into one of the most important direct marketers of health and beauty products the world over. Today, the company has a portfolio of more than a dozen products. Taken together, the products make up what the company refers to as Y.E.S., a system of complimentary health and beauty products designed to eliminate the need of consumers to constantly go to many sources for all of their health and beauty needs.

One of the products contained in the Y.E.S. system is the AM PM Essentials multivitamin. This product is designed to keep people at a maximum level of alertness during the day while allowing for a great sleep at night. The proprietary blend of essential nutrients and vitamins is a closely guarded secret. But users report that they are able to stay productive throughout the entire workday while taking the vitamins. Users also report that, at night, they are able to fall asleep faster and sleep restfully.

AM PM Essentials is only available through Jeunesse distributors.