Netpicks – 25 years of steering the customers right in FX Trading.

Forex Trading or Currency Trading (also called FX Trading) is an extremely lucrative investment, but it can spell disaster if you don’t know what you’re doing. As the market is volatile, it only takes minutes to change your investment returns from possible profits to probable losses. This is where companies like Netpicks (also known as NetPicks) come into the picture.

Netpicks is a financial consulting firm specializing in FX trades. They’ve been in the business of guiding their customer’s through the Forex Market for around 25 years. Founded in 1993, Netpicks offers their customers insights that are backed by data-centric research to make sure the customers make the right choice. They even have advice for prospective clients who are keen to enter the field of currency trading.

One of the crucial advice they give is that you should never invest money that has been kept aside for something important like mortgage, medical expenses, education of your children, etc. Even with a good team of advisors behind you, the market’s volatility means that sometimes losses may be incurred. They suggest starting with smaller amounts, like $100 or $500 to get your toes wet in the market first before deciding to spend bigger amounts.

With their experience, Netpicks know the ins and outs of the Forex Trading business, like how the market behaves with it being an extremely liquid market that on average sees upward of $5 trillion spent every day and how the traders tend to use popular pairings of currencies like British Pound / US Dollar, US Dollar / Canadian Dollar, Euro / Japanese Yen, etc.

These pairings provide the traders with a better chance at making a profit compared to an exotic currency trade like the Brazilian Reales against the US Dollar, reference (

Another feature of the Forex Trade is Leverage Trading. Leverage Trading is where a client can approach a brokering house and get a line of credit for an amount like $100,000 with just $1000 in liquid capital. It needs to be kept in mind that the line of credit will need to be paid off so it’s best to only take advantage of Leverage Trading if you’re able to reimburse the broker, know more on

With a market that’s very lucrative yet volatile, consultancies like Netpicks help guide their customers through tricky yet gainful waters.