The Purchase Of Fortress Investment Group By SoftBank

In July 2017, SoftBank Group Corporation – it’s simply called SoftBank by most people – purchased Fortress Investment Group for roughly $3.3 billion. Based in New York City, Fortress is one of the most promising alternative asset management firms.

The deal wasn’t necessarily the easiest of acquisitions

SoftBank forked over roughly $3.3 billion to the owners of Fortress Investment Group to purchase 100 percent of its private shares of ownership. This is interesting because SoftBank paid a premium for Fortress and won’t even have a say in its operations.

The company can certainly – and undeniably already does – hire business analysts and financial advisors to provide decision-makers with information related to evaluating the operations of Fortress Investment Group. However, SoftBank will remain independent from the responsibilities of running Fortress because it can steer clear of having to look forward to the oversight of the United States’ very own Committee on Foreign Investments.

As a matter of fact, the US Committee on Foreign Investments shared with SoftBank as part of negotiations that it would have to remain out of the discussions related to figuring out what to do with investments, clients, and other business operations; thus far, SoftBank has done a great job at staying out of the business of Fortress.

What is Fortress Investment Group?

Fortress Investment Group is an asset management firm that utilizes risky investment management strategies to earn high returns for its clients; this is different from most investment firms, as they typically place their clients’ money in financial instruments like exchange-traded funds, bonds, and stocks.

Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal “Randy” Nardone created the firm slightly more than 20 years ago; its 1998 foundation came as a venture between all three of the aforementioned investors – they all had experience in doing business, but the trio didn’t know that much about doing business as an alternative asset management organization. Still, Fortress has grown into one of the finest in its field of competition in the past two decades – no more, no less.

Marc Sparks Rises Above His High School Grade

Marc Sparks is an established entrepreneur who has been involved in the founding, running, and sale of multiple companies. One can hardly believe that the business expert was a low performer in high school. He attained a diploma in high school in 1975 from Austin where he is a native and jumped straight into the creation of start-up businesses. He has ventured in real estate, telecommunications, and capital investments. Some of the companies he has created include Timber Creek Capital, a private equity company that deals with the provision of entrepreneurial assistance, GlobalTec Solutions which majors in analysis and advice provision, Splash Media, a leader in media marketing, Reliant Healthcare, specializes in healthcare and inpatient rehabilitation, Blue Jay Wireless, which supports consumers with credit problems, Boxstar LLC, which focuses on marketing shipping labels and Cardinal Telecom LLC, which is a distributor of national cell phone.

Marc Spark, despite getting low grades in high school, rose to become a role model to other entrepreneurs like himself. Marc Sparks was a C+ student during his high school days but this did not stop him from excelling in the world of business. He has proved beyond doubt that grades have little to do with your success in life. Even more outrageous is the fact that he never received any formal college education. The self-made entrepreneur has helped many companies acquire financial success over the years as he enlightens them on business planning and strategy. At the moment he is busy crafting his first book which he calls, ‘They Can’t Eat You.’ The book basically talks about his life and how he succeeded despite attaining low grades in high school. In the book, Marc mentions ways through which someone can become a success story without having to be a top performing student. He explains how people can path their own success by innovating the next big thing.

Sparks has received many accolades for his relentless enthusiasm and excellence in business. His philanthropy has also received many praises. He has been funding The Samaritan Inn which caters for the homeless in Texas as well as many other projects. Also, he has been mentoring budding entrepreneurs through various mentoring programs that he has set up. In the programs, he shares valuable lessons to people looking to be entrepreneurs and teaches them several tools which they can use to become successful businessmen. According to him, the best way to become prosperous in business is by having pride and faith in the product or service you are selling, narrowing things down to a specific focus, always keeping the business strategy in mind, and coming up with something unique so that it stands out among other products. Sparks achievements have inspired many, especially those that don’t do well in education. For this, he will remain a figure of admiration for years to come. Learn more: