Hair Protection

Have you been hearing a lot about shampoos that don’t lather in the news or from your friends? If so, you might be wondering what all the buzz is about and if a shampoo that doesn’t actually lather really works. Well, the good news is that no lather shampoos can actually be very beneficial for your hair. Since these shampoos do not contain harsh chemicals such as sodium laureth sulfate, your hair strands are protected.

There is one such shampoo, which is also called a cleansing conditioner, that works extremely well. This product is WEN Hair by Chaz and was created by Chaz Dean, a celebrity stylist who has developed many different hair care products. What makes this cleansing conditioner special is that it contains ingredients that are gentle on hair such as glycerin, panthenol and wild cherry bark. These ingredients make this product gentle enough to use every day on all hair types and hair textures.

The end results are simply stunning. You will notice that your hair is full of moisture and shine. In addition, your hair will be more manageable, which will make it easier to style your hair and have your hair hold the style you create throughout the day. As an added bonus, WEN by Chaz is actually 5 different products in one. This one product works as a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler and a leave in conditioner. Think of all the time and money you can save by using a 5-in-1 product every day.

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