Charlamagne Tha God Has Likes And Dislikes About Eminem’s Kamikaze Album


In this modern hip hop society, the music genre that receives the most controversy is rap. Rappers are known to diss, bad mouth, and berate others using foul or grammatically incorrect language. Yet, the rap fad continues to grow, and has become one of the leading music styles of the last few decades. The radio presenter,


Charlamagne Tha God, is one of the co-hosts of the nationally syndicated morning talk show, The Breakfast Club on an iHeart radio station program. He is also a television personality featured with Viacom. He is a social media guru, and the executive producer of his own company, CTHAGOD World, LLC.


Many conversations are driven by the point of view of Charlamagne Tha God and his celebrity interviews which are considered provocative. His views range from issues surrounding race, politics, society and hip hop. In a recent interview, Charlamagne was asked to comment on a new album by Eminem on which he was mentioned. Charlamagne tastefully expressed that he is usually calm when he is called out and immortalized by rappers. He was not being totally dissed, as rappers sometimes do. He considers it a remarkable tribute to have reached a level where he is recognized by those who can rap.


Eminem is a prominent rapper, and Charlamagne was not disrespected by him, but was given an honorary mention as one would give to someone from whom they would seek approval. Some of the lyrics from the song, The Ringer, suggest that Charlamagne Tha God would hate it anyway no matter what he said. In another song, Fall, Eminem gave a shout out to Charlamagne. As long as these songs are played by Eminem, the Name of Charlamagne Tha God will be heard and remembered. For those who may not know Charlamagne, it will peak their interest enough to find out who he is.


On the rest of the album, Charlamagne is not too enthused with Eminem’s gay and lesbian bashing, but he is alright with the use of the fact that he is white to call out the current president. Overall, Charlamagne likes the Kamikaze album by Eminem. View Additional Info Here.


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