GreenSky Credit brings instant point-of-sale loans to more than 17,000 retailers

GreenSky Credit has been one of the hottest stories in the fintech industry over the last 10 years. In an industry that has been littered with the burnt-out husks of companies that looked good on paper but didn’t last much past their first contact with reality, GreenSky Credit has proven to have an enduring business model that is as robust as it is profitable.

GreenSky Credit founder David Zalik first had the idea for the company when he was running an e-consultancy firm that worked with some of the biggest players in the home improvement business. He saw that a great deal of business was being lost when customers who had little experience estimating costs ended up severely underestimating the final costs of their home improvement projects. Zalik saw a huge opportunity for anyone who could step in with the liquidity that these often-prime borrowers needed to complete their projects.

A good idea always has a wide market

The idea of effectively providing bridge financing for retail-level customers caught on like wildfire. GreenSky Credit proved it had a viable model within its first few years of business. Due to the prime-borrower status of the vast majority of its customers, it was able to partner with some of the biggest and most trusted lenders in the country, including Region’s Bank, Sun Trust and Fifth-Third Bancorp. And these lenders were willing to go the extra distance, loaning up to six-figure amounts to GreenSky customers at the point of sale and on an instantaneous basis. Nothing like it had ever existed in retail finance before.

This idea quickly proved to be easily implemented across other industries. Today, the firm has more than 17,000 retail partners, including operations in industries as diverse as dentists’ offices and plastic surgery practices. While the company has significantly diversified its business, the core concept remains the same; GreenSky finds deals where everyone walks away a winner and where the borrowers rank towards the top of the credit ratings, and then the company extends loans on terms that are almost too good to be true. The model works because, at the end of the day, everyone walks away a winner.

The Stream Cares Foundation

Stream Energy was created in 2005 and provides energy, wireless, protective services and home services to their customers. They have grown into one of the nations largest life services company, bringing in around 8 billion dollars in revenue. At first, they exclusively provided energy, now they have expanded to also provide connected life services that include: international wireless plans, Virtual MD, digital voice services and more designed to keep the user connected at work, home or on the road.

Stream Energy currently serves New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Delaware, New Jersey, Ohio, Washington D.C., Maryland, Georgia and Texas. In Texas Stream Energy was rated as one of the states Top 10 Most Trusted Retail Electric Providers.

The Stream Company is also passionate about giving back to the community. They have launched an organization called Stream Cares. Stream Cares provides support and resources to local charities throughout the community. Some charities that Stream Energy has partnered with include Hope Supply Co., a non-profit organization that helps homeless children in need. Stream has also donated $15,000 to the American Red Cross to help families who were affected by natural disasters.

The philanthropy efforts of Stream Energy don’t stop there. During Hurricane Harvey around 56 inches of rain fell in Houston neighborhoods. Many people in the town and across the state lost their lives, homes and even their pets to the storm. Stream stepped in and used the money from their highly profitable energy sales business to fund recovery efforts.

The charity “Hope Supply Co.” and the “Stream Cares Foundation” have partnered up to provide the annual Splash for Hope event. Splash for Hope allows homeless to experience a water park. The employees and leadership from Stream try to ensure that they give the children an experience of a lifetime. The team also provide money and other supplies such as diapers, clothing, school supplies and more.

Stream also offered a helping hand to North Texas residents who were affected by the tornado that touched down the day after Christmas in 2016. They partnered with the salvation army and raised thousands of dollars to aid victims.

Kimberly Bakker Puts On The Kind Of Events That Really Impress

Kimberly Bakker is the highly successful owner of Kimberly Bakker Events, known as KQB. The firm excels in the area of highly memorable events. The boutique marketing operation at KQB has an overall goal of making customers dreams become a reality in terms of the ideal events that they have envisioned. Kimberly Bakker and her team are very proud of the services that they provide at KQB. These services include public relations, event production, quality control and also consulting services for businesses.

Memorable events are the speciality at Kimberly Bakker Events and the firm puts a lot of effort into each and every job that it is involved in. KQB really does handle a very large and extensive range of event types and puts considerable effort into making sure that each one of these outstanding affairs goes perfectly.

Kimberly Bakker Events have recently put on some fun and perfectly executed events such as a Conacher 50 Scotland event that was an enlightening ancestral pilgrimage. The images that came back from this Kimberly Bakker event are absolutely stunning. Then there was the recent Elk Creek Ranch event that was located in one of the most picturesque settings you could ever imagine. Guests enjoyed everything from mountain biking to horse riding and fishing and the nightlife was absolutely thrilling. These kinds of events are just a few of the productions that Kimberly Bakker specializes in. From birthday parties to Bar Mitzvahs, there is a reason that KQB has been able to develop such an outstanding reputation.

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The Purchase Of Fortress Investment Group By SoftBank

In July 2017, SoftBank Group Corporation – it’s simply called SoftBank by most people – purchased Fortress Investment Group for roughly $3.3 billion. Based in New York City, Fortress is one of the most promising alternative asset management firms.

The deal wasn’t necessarily the easiest of acquisitions

SoftBank forked over roughly $3.3 billion to the owners of Fortress Investment Group to purchase 100 percent of its private shares of ownership. This is interesting because SoftBank paid a premium for Fortress and won’t even have a say in its operations.

The company can certainly – and undeniably already does – hire business analysts and financial advisors to provide decision-makers with information related to evaluating the operations of Fortress Investment Group. However, SoftBank will remain independent from the responsibilities of running Fortress because it can steer clear of having to look forward to the oversight of the United States’ very own Committee on Foreign Investments.

As a matter of fact, the US Committee on Foreign Investments shared with SoftBank as part of negotiations that it would have to remain out of the discussions related to figuring out what to do with investments, clients, and other business operations; thus far, SoftBank has done a great job at staying out of the business of Fortress.

What is Fortress Investment Group?

Fortress Investment Group is an asset management firm that utilizes risky investment management strategies to earn high returns for its clients; this is different from most investment firms, as they typically place their clients’ money in financial instruments like exchange-traded funds, bonds, and stocks.

Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal “Randy” Nardone created the firm slightly more than 20 years ago; its 1998 foundation came as a venture between all three of the aforementioned investors – they all had experience in doing business, but the trio didn’t know that much about doing business as an alternative asset management organization. Still, Fortress has grown into one of the finest in its field of competition in the past two decades – no more, no less.