David McDonald: From Bottom To The Top At OSI Group

David McDonald is a successful business executive in the United States. He is one of the people who can be credited with making the American economy great. People who believe in the American dream have contributed significantly to the growth of the economy. He has tried as much as possible to make OSI Group, the company he works for, the best food production company globally. He is the president and chief operating officer of the company. For the past thirty years, Sheldon Lavin has been working with this company, trying as much as possible to make it better. He works together with Sheldon Lavin, the CEO, who has also played a critical role in the growth of the company.

David McDonald started working for this company as a project manager. He assisted the senior management in formulating plans that could help the company to expand to further. He worked very hard in the expansion of the company’s operations in Europe. McDonald has been trying as much as possible to make OSI Group the best food production company in the worked. The goal is accomplished, but there is more work needed in maintaining the top position.

David McDonald was responsible for the expansion of the company to various locations around the globe. He was also responsible for the acquisition of other companies such as Baho Food and Flagship Europe. In the three decades of experience that he has been working in this industry, he has noticed that there is an urgent need to keep the company running its operations to the fullness of time. He is keen on ensuring that the operations of the company take place in all the locations around the world. The reason he supported the acquisition of OSI Group was to facilitate the growth of the company in Europe. There is a high potential market in Europe which can take the company to a bigger level of success.

David McDonald is trying as much as possible to keep the operations of the company rising higher and higher. As the head of operations, he has streamlined the operations in such a way that the managers at the grassroots are given the mandate to make decisions on behalf of the company. McDonald believes these are the people closest to the consumers and they deserve to be given that mandate Customer service is key in the growth of any modern company.

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Shervin Pishevar Proves That Twitter Still Matters

A lot of the attention regarding interesting tweets as of late has revolved around what the American President Donald Trump has been posting. That makes sense given that he is arguably the most powerful human being on Earth. That being said, Shervin Pishevar has also been making a splash on Twitter lately.

What Shervin Pishevar has posted as of late has to do with his thoughts and opinions regarding the economy. This isn’t exactly surprising given that this individual made his money by being an early investor in Uber. He knew that Uber was going to be a big deal before it was a household name. Shervin Pishevar put his money into the company early and made a lot of money as a result. This set the standard by which many started to judge the man. Now, he frequently posts on Twitter to say what is on his mind regarding the economy.

He was one of the first to say that he believes that the stock market is headed for a twenty percent decline or more. He also finds that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are a bad place to park your money as well. Shervin Pishevar was generally pessimistic in general about investing and growing money at this point in time. He feels that even startups in the United States are in trouble as other countries start to fill in the role that the United States used to play as the place where startups can begin.

There was a lot to take away from what Shervin Pishevar had to say about so many topics. It is wonderful to have his opinions out on the record so that we may see how they measure up over time. We know that he has been right in terms of determining his own personal investing choices, but how will he measure up when it comes to determining what is right for the rest of the economy? That is something that we may just have to wait and see what happens. At least we know that we can measure it given that all of his thoughts are out on Twitter.


Vijay Eswaran: Businessman and a Philosopher

Vijay Eswaran is a graduate of London School of Economics. After his graduation, he worked in Europe for a year doing different jobs in the region. While in the UK, there was the introduction to binary system marketing that promoted him to obtain profession from CIMA in the UK. Later he got MBA from the Southern Illinois University. He worked on a part-time basis in multilevel marketing while being employed by Synaptics in the US. He then worked as an information systems engineer in various companies for several years in North America and South-East Asia. 13 years after he left for Malaysia, he was approached by Cosway Group to assist in starting its Philippines business.

After return to his nation, he founded a multilevel marketing company that later grew to QI group. QI is an e-commerce business that has its presence in many countries and companies. There was the publishment of his book In the Sphere of Silence in the year 2015. Vijay Eswaran and his other three friends were accused of stealing more than $100,000 from two Filipinos and were arrested in Jakarta. On judgment, they charged before the Quezon City Regional Trial Court. Later the charges were dropped by the office of the City Prosecutor. He was released after three weeks by the Indonesia courts.

After a short time of his release, a newspaper in India had reports with investigations that showed that Vijay Eswaran had Economic Offences about Qnet, a business that he had already found. After failing to attend the court for questioning froze Qnet’s bank accounts in the whole country. The Qnet has emphasised that its operations are legal. After a few years police filed 55000 page with a connection to Qnet to a show that it was operating illegally with Vijay Eswaran’s name in them. Later Maharashtra Protection of Interest of Depositors (MPID) court declared that the business was legal and it had to proceed.

He is now the founder of QI Group of Companies. Vijay Eswaran is an Asian who has come out of bottomless chasm of problems. He is a motivational speaker, a successful entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is well known in Asia writing and speaking about businesses. He is an entrepreneur who has won very many business awards and among the top 50 philanthropists in Asia. He is among the advisory board of the World Economic Forum’s Global Growth Companies. He has a unique leadership opportunity which he says that he obtained it from his father, service above self.”