The Positive Aspects that Make Waiakea Water a Popular Choice

A recent online article highlighted the positive aspects of Waiakea water, which attribute to the measurable difference in the brand’s popularity when compared to other brands that are currently on the market. Although many people believe that all bottled water is natural and healthy, the fact is that some brands are produced using external means to enhance the water. Waiakea water on the other hand, is sourced from Hawaii, which is also located in a pristine environment.

The spring from which the Waiakea brand comes from does not just make it a natural Hawaii volcanic water, but also a natural mineral water with many beneficial properties for good health. The journey the water makes on its way to the natural spring allows it to pass through various layers of volcanic rock, which not only act as a natural filtration process, but also enrich the water with minerals and give it a pH level more attuned to the body’s own internal cells.

Health conscious individuals will find the Waiakea water pH level is better suited for hydration. At levels ranging between 7.6 and 8.2, this water is better able to be absorbed by the different cells of the body. Not only can it easily replace the fluids lost during periods of activity, but it can also carry essential nutrients to the parts of the body that need them. Some of these essential nutrients are the minerals found in the water itself, which include potassium, calcium and magnesium.

The natural health benefits of Waiakea water are just part of the reason why this brand has become so popular in just a short amount of time. In fact, this brand increased its sales by an unprecedented 4000 percent in just three years after it was launched. This was due to the brand’s founder, Ryan Emmons, choosing to market it as a socially conscious brand that came from a fully sustainable natural resource. The other attributes associated with this brand include its eco-friendly packaging and energy-saving bottling process, which has helped reduce the amount of harmful emissions released into the air.