José Borghi of Mullen Lowe is an Influencer in the Way of Prominent Advertising: His Work is Well-Renowned–the World-Over–

José Borghi is the founder of the Mullen Lowe Agency. The establishment formerly was referred to as: Borghi Lowe. José Borghi is considered, undoubtedly, one of the most significant influencers in the advertising world. José Borghi is the creationist of terrific campaigns. His listing of awards, from highly prestigious organizations: seems endless. One example of José Borghi’s creative talent is his ‘Mammals of Parmalat’ campaign. With respect to the preceding campaign: Children are dressed in the form of stuffed animals. The children sing songs which prove memorable.

It appears José Borghi was destined for success within the industry of advertising. Still: José Borghi, admits that he was not certain, early on, what career to pursue.

The presentation at the theater was relative to commercial Vts. The preceding all received awards in Cannes. José Borghi, once viewing the performance, admits he wanted to pursue a career in advertising. In fact, he visualized attaining a winning entry with respect to the Cannes-Lions‘ event.

He went through several changes after the start of establishing his first agency which led to his co-executive position at Mullen Lowe in Brazil. Mr. Borghi is very talented. His tenure, in the lead positon of the company is the result of hard work and sacrifices.

When he began his career, he was under-capitalized–meaning zero funds, and had no investors. However, persistence and determination paid off: and he was soon recognized, with regard to his amazing talent, by some of the industry’s top advertising professionals. The fact Mr. Borghi is customer-centric is apparent. His award winning advertising has become known throughout the world.