Peter Briger a Renowned Financial Investment Manager

Peter Briger is a renowned financial investment manager. He currently works as a co-CEO and co-chairman of the Board of Directors of the New York, US-based Fortress Investment Group LLC. At Fortress Briger is in charge of the Credit business section. Briger as the head of Credit business oversees a team of more than 300 people who focus on undervalued assets including distressed and illiquid credit investments. Fortress Investment Group is a leading equity firm that provides clients with operations management services, capital markets investments including corporate mergers and acquisitions among others. The firm was founded in 1998 by Randal Nardone, Wesley Edens and Rob Kauffman who retired in 2012. The other two together with Peter Briger serve as the firm’s principals. Visit to learn more

Peter Briger became a member of the Board of Fortress Investment Group in November of 2006. Besides Briger since the year 2002 is a member of the firm’s Management Committee. Briger joined Fortress in March of 2002. Prior to joining Fortress Briger served for more than a decade at Goldman Sachs & Co. Briger in 1996 became a managing partner at Goldman Sachs. Briger at Goldman Sachs assumed several roles several committees that include the Japan Executive Committee and the Asian Management Committee among others. Besides serving at the committees, Briger also held other senior leadership roles, and they include serving as co-head of various groups such as the Fixed Income Principal Investments Group, the Special Opportunities Asia Fund, and the Asian Distressed Debt business among others.

Peter Briger in his long career has made many accomplishments, and in recognition of his achievements, Briger was named as Forbes top 400 businesses professional. Besides being actively involved at Fortress Investment Group, Briger exercises his leadership skills through serving as a board member of several nonprofit organizations such as the Princeton University Investment Company, the Central Park Conservancy and the Global Fund for Children among others.

Peter Briger is an alma mater of both Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania. He holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Business Administration from the two respective Universities.

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Matt Badiali: Buy Silver While Its Unloved

Geologist and financial expert Matt Badiali has been making bets about commodities going higher. One commodity Matt Badiali recommends is silver. The commodities have been in downtrends since 2011. Many individuals who follow the silver market may believe that this is rather poor advice. However. Matt Badiali has made a name for himself for choosing great investments in the natural resource sector. He has traveled all over the world to inspect mines and oil wells. With over twenty years of geology training, he learned how many factors such as political and economic issues could ultimately dictate the price action of certain commodities. He has taken his knowledge and has successfully applied it to the world of finance. If he is bullish on silver, it is at least worth listening to his arguments.

Silver prices were barely over $14 early September. This marks one of the metal’s lowest trading points since the Great Recession. While Matt Badiali is bullish on silver, he understands the factors that are keeping the metal down. Many investors have been flocking to the US dollar as a safe haven. There are countries around the world such as Venezuela, Argentina, and Turkey that are experiencing collapsing currencies and economic issues. Citizens are trading in their country’s currency for dollars and this is making the US dollar stronger.

Matt Badiali also feels that the rise of the cryptocurrencies has stolen some of the thunder from the precious metals, including silver. After the financial crisis, many individuals started to question certain monetary practices of the Federal Reserve. These same individuals would have chosen tangible assets but are now opting for the cryptocurrencies.

Matt Badiali feels that silver may face pressure in the coming months but long term he feels that silver is going to be a fantastic investment. Many countries around the world are investing in solar as a form of energy and it is estimated that silver demand is going to skyrocket by 2030. Some very optimistic analysts are calling for triple-digit silver in the next several years. Some factors that could be key for silver are the high debt levels in the financial system, low-interest rates, and stock markets that are at extremes.

It’s All About The RealReal

Want to buy your latest high-end designer without having any doubts whether it’s authentic? The Real Real app is a luxury consignment site that accumulated over 100 Million in sales as of last year 2017. The company originated from the San Francisco Bay Area and lives up to its title as the REAL DEAL. According to an Instagram post @therealreal posted October 19, 2018 was a picture of a beige and green Fendi hand. The Real captioned all the details of the bag and offered a link in the profile bio for tips from its Chief Authenticator. Speaking of authenticator the company holds contest where authenticators win prizes for finding counterfeits on over thousands of designer models. What makes the company unique is not just its no-fake policy but that it controls all of the inventory in its market. This gives The REAL REAL a greater advantage over most luxury sites. The company has an four year stretch so far in the fashion industry and is continuing to make process by also having high-touch services for its sellers. Consumers also have the ability to resell their high-value luxury goods. According to founder Julie Wainwright high-end fashion markets such as Saks Fifth have provided gift cards and favor of consignment. If your big on realism The REAL REAL is definitely the right move.

Why Do You Need Aloha Constructions Services?

Aloha construction is a licensed privately owned contractor. It is a go-to bonded and insured firm that is based in Lake Zurich, Illinois. This company has a tremendous positive reputation due to its excellent and excellent services. They serve various counties such as DuPage, McHenry, Cook and Lake Zurich via their main offices. Aloha has an executive team of highly dedicated and passionate members in their job. They provide local siding and roofers contractors with a great name in this field. They have managed to complete more than 18000 projects in the Midwest. They have partnered with finance team as well to offer various funding options for their customers whose insurance firms have denied their duty.


Their services also incorporate free property inspections which have a process that involved nine steps for their roofing services. This process is aimed at ensuring that their work is thorough and that they can be able to identify potential problems. Homeowners should beware that even low-level winds have the potential to cause damage to the roofing tiles and shingles. Aloha Construction is ever ready to offer you their services at the most favorable market price just in case you need to replace your roof. They also provide a 10-year craftsmanship warranty whenever they install your shingles.


Aloha Construction also installs repair and replace the siding of your house which is tremendously significant when it comes to retaining the value of your property. This also plays a great deal in reducing your heating and cooling bills. They have fully certified and qualified employees via the Vinyl Siding Institute. This is an implication that their work will be entirely be carried out by licensed Vinyl Siding Installers. They can also handle repair and replacement services on your downspout systems and gutters which I help in the prevention of other critical issues that might arise in future. Aloha can also handle door installation, windows repair and replacement, screens replacement, as well as making Soffits and Fascia fresh and brand new once again.