Securus Technologies Working Towards Equipping Correctional Facilities With The Right Technology To Reduce Crimes

All of the law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities are happy with the technological products that Securus Technologies provide to them. Based out of Dallas in Texas, Securus Technologies is a technology company specializing in prison systems and law enforcement systems. The company serves approximately 3,450 agencies, and the number is growing over the years. It is their aim to make the world safe place for everyone. The company has more than 140 patents to its name and creates new and more advanced products than their previous ones every week. It is their duty to stay on top of the needs of their clients and to provide them with exactly what they need.



Having personally used their services while working in prison, I found their software to be easy to use. We arrested a corrupt staff member inside the prison using their contraband. The staff member had thought that he would be able to get away with it as he has for the past so many years. But, we easily found out about him and charged him with bribery and other crimes. This was possible only because of the services by Securus Technologies. Securus technologies have offered new tools to us to increase jail security and improve our investigation tactics to solve crimes.



I am happy to say that I was one of the team members who visited their facility in Dallas and was impressed with the number of technology that they have developed over the years. The company has experienced and skilled executives who are always ready to answer any questions that one might have. Every time I faced any problems with the software, I called their customer service department, and they were prompt with answers. They even send one of the service men within a few minutes to check the problem. The problem was solved within half an hour which was quite impressive.