Jeff Herman Advocates For Victims

Even though there are laws in place that work to bring peace and closure to the victims of childhood sexual abuse, the field itself still has room for improvement. To make sure progress is made and initiatives receive the support they deserve, everyday citizens and celebrities join forces in a conscience purpose. One example of this is cohesive behavior is the establishment of a coalition named “New Yorkers Against Hidden Predators”. Another instance of the rising tide of advocacy childhood victims of sexual abuse is Corey Feldman’s public endorsement of the Child Victims Act.

Although there is a good amount of public appeal and even social awareness on the matter, some members of Congress seek to keep discussion off the Senate floor. The act brings a lot to the table for childhood victims in the State of New York. For starters, it eliminates the statute of limitations in criminal and civil cases regarding child sex abuse. That is a positive change for any future victims. But, the legislation also does something else for those cases long in the past. It allows cases that are no more than 50 years old to at least be heard in court. It should be noted that those older cases would have a year-long window after the bill passes to be heard.

The senate bill is sponsored by Brad Hoylman. The elimination of statute limits directly addresses the nature of the crimes being brought to court. Current New York law marks the cutoff date to bring a case before the court around a person’s 23rd birthday. There are other laws on the books similar to the Child Victims act. And even as plenty of people stand for its overall purpose, there are some professionals on the job who know what it is to get results on the matter.

One such citizen is Jeff Herman. Jeff Herman is renowned as a great litigation and trial lawyer. Jeff Herman’s professional passions burn especially strong for survivors of sexual exploitation, abuse and assault. Thousands of clients have him to thank for proactive and superlative representation.

Jeff Herman is the Founder and Managing Partner for Herman Law where he devotes all of his expertise and experience to victim of sexual abuse. For over a decade, Jeff Herman has made national headlines exposing sexual predators and the institutions that protect them.

In 2013, Jeff Herman was named “Child Advocate of the Year” by KidSafe Foundation during their 4th Annual Fundraiser.[48] He has been referred to in the media as the “Dark Knight”, fighting for the most vulnerable victims. Herman has also been referred to as the “legal eagle” and the “Go-To-Guy” for sexual abuse lawsuits. Click Here for more information.


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Heal N Soothe Gives People Good Experiences

The purpose of Heal N Soothe is so others can feel good about their bodies and about the options they have with their body. The product works to combat pain and issues that could come as a result of different ailments and the creators of the product knew what they were doing when they started offering it to everyone who needed it. They also knew there were different ways they could take advantage of what they were doing with the product. It made sense for the company to keep doing things right, so their customers wouldn’t need to worry about what was happening with the product. It also made sense for those who needed something that could help them through the most difficult parts of fighting any type of pain they might have had. It made sense for the company to keep giving people chances and keep showing them the right way to feel good about their bodies.


While Heal N Soothe continues offering their product for everyone who needs it, they know what it takes to give people a chance at a better life with the product. They also know how to give attention to those who are struggling to get all the options they need with the product. With Heal N Soothe, people can continue getting positive experiences and they know what will happen if they can do everything on their own despite running into issues that could cause them to have problems in the future. Read This Article for more information.


Thanks to Heal N Soothe, people can see how good things are working and can see there are other experiences that will keep helping them through difficult times. Heal N Soothe knows that they provide a product that gives everyone a chance for positive experiences and that’s what they use to keep giving back in different situations. For Heal N Soothe, the point of offering these experiences is so they don’t have to worry about how they’re going to provide everyone with a better option than they did in the beginning. It’s their goal of helping that makes things better for all of them. It is this goal that made Heal N Soothe Change the Supplement Industry.


Health N Soothe is an herbal supplement for joint pain that is manufactured by Living Well Nutraceuticals and distributed via The Healthy Back Institute.

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Information About Jeremy Goldstein

He is the founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associate LLC. This is a boutique law firm that is dedicated to giving pieces of advice to the compensation committees, CEOs, corporations and management teams for the executive compensations together with the corporate governance matters. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Facebook and Jeremy Goldstein | Quora

It has also been solving transformative corporate governance issues especially when sensitive situations or events arise.

Before Jeremy Goldenstein founded the organization, he partnered with Lipton, Katz, Rosen, and Wachtell. Jeremy Goldstein has in the past many years been involved by many corporations having large transactions.

Jeremy Goldstein has also been acting as the mergers & acquisition chairman of American Bar Association Business. He has been recorded in the United States as the leading executive attorney who is compensated.

He gained his skills of J.D from New York University and later B.A from the University of Cornell. After advancing his education in Chicago University, he was awarded M.A.

Jeremy Goldstein was in an interview where he shared about JLG Associates idea came from. He talked about the last 10 years, a period when the governance circles had gathered to discuss the conflicts matters which were in regards to the executive compensations. Follow Goldstein on Twitter

They realized that most of the executive compensations dealing with consulting firms have been ending by breaking off from larger organizations. He came with the idea of having a market gap for the law firm so that it could help in solving the problem. He did some considerations for a long time before he took the plunge on it. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

if you are to talk about things that have been making Jeremy Goldstein end up with a productive day, is that he has been advising his clients about their career pay. Career pay is among of the issues which are most dear to our heart.

It is something that shot cut will not work for anyone unless in some substantial works like advising, drafting, and negotiating even though they are time to consume.

If you become a practitioner, a certain bedside manner will become your requirement with full of dedication and your availability be 24 hours within a day. He has been minimizing the numbers of mattes that he has been accepting so that he can at least do something productive for the day.

It has been making for of matters in hand to be at the context of the extraordinary transactions and mostly matters that require his specific skill or experience.

Roberto Santiago  Owner of the Manaira Shopping Mall in Joao Pessoa

Achieving success in the highly competitive sector such as real estate can be highly challenging in developing countries such as Brazil. However, it is what Roberto Santiago has achieved in a brief period through his business insight and acumen. Roberto Santiago believes that it is essential to foresee the business and market trends to achieve success in any particular sector, and he understood that the people in Brazil are looking for modern and comprehensive entertainment venues like the shopping malls in the West. It is why he started the Mangabeira Shopping Mall, which was a massive success from the very beginning. Not only it helped him earned considerable popularity in the real estate sector, but also helped established himself as a successful entrepreneur and realtor in Brazil.


Roberto Santiago went on to build Manaira Shopping Mall as well that was opened to the public in the year 1989. In the new few years, Manaira Shopping went on to become a massive success in the region. As the popularity of Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall grew with time, Roberto Santiago went on to add new sections in the mall. It attracted more attention to the mall and made it a go-to comprehensive entertainment venue in the city of Joao Pessoa. Many different types of entertaining events and shows were organized in the mall from time to time to ensure that the visitors are thoroughly entertained. Manaira Shopping Mall is a venue where there is something for all age groups to enjoy, starting from kid’s zone to movie theatre and from fine dining restaurants to food court and lounge.


At the terrace of the Manaira Shopping Mall, there is Domus Hall that has the total occupancy limit of more than 8,000 people. It is the perfect venue for hosting business conferences, concerts, exhibitions, weddings, and much more. The Domus Hall is equipped with the latest technology, whether it is lights or the telecommunication and conferencing facilities. So, whether you want to host a business summit, product launch, or want to organize a fashion show or wedding, it has emerged as an ideal venue in the city. The movie theatre in Manaira Shopping Mall is also highly appreciated by the people, and it has the latest 3D technology in three of its screens, which ensures that the new age movies with 3D technology can be experienced in an immersive manner.


Roberto Santiago has ensured that there is no compromise in the maintenance of the mall and that from time to time, something new and exciting is organized at the mall to keep the visitors entertained. The car parking space at the mall is also sufficient and can easily park more than 3,000 vehicles.



Madison Street Capital Portrays Excellence through Reputable Reputation

A company’s general reputation determines its success. As such, executives understand the value of reputation to their companies. At the same time, firms that have stellar reputation are perceived as companies that provide more value that allows employees to charge a premium. Alongside the fact that their clients are often loyal to an extent of purchasing more products as well as services, reputation defines the bottom line of a business. Madison Street Capital has been on the forefront of defining the value of reputation to a company. The banking investment firm prides itself on being a leading financial services provider across different continents. With its main office in Chicago, Madison Street Capital strives to provide clients with top notch services. This has been one strategic selling point of the company.


Although Madison Street Capital has its main office in Chicago, it decided to open other branches in Ghana, Oregon then India. This is in light of reaching out to different clients. Moreover, the company applies comprehensive skills in deciphering financial situations and challenges that corporations might be going through. Coupled with unmatched track records featured in the structuring of complicated businesses, Madison Street Capital is always working on developing the next series of strategies to implement in client’s businesses.


We know that in business, different market shifts can affect operations. For that reason, it is always critical to be able to predict the eventual market situation in different capacities. Nevertheless, whatever the market’s circumstances, Madison Street Capital has always worked hard to evade the risks that a business may succumb to. Moreover, Madison is equipped with different skills to uphold corporate finance and governance, tax issuing, mergers and lastly acquisitions. Aside from that, the company is overqualified to provide viable advice to clients who aspire to enter into partnerships.


When talking about partnerships, the most memorable one is the DCG Software Value and Spitfire Group. DCG deals with the provision of software analytics and has its central office in Pennsylvania. On the other hand, Spitfire Group is a business in consulting technology and it is located in Denver. The two companies sought business advice from Madison Street Capital. From the look of their current relationship, Madison Street Capital played a pivotal role in fostering a working rapport. From that moment, Madison has received referred clients from the two companies. Other than that, the management of DCG and Spitfire congratulated Madison for connecting them.


The success stories of Madison Street Capital go beyond that. At one time, the company issued viable advice to WLR Automotive Group regarding the sales and leaseback of a business whose value was $13.2 million. Of course, Madison Street Capital has indulged in several other businesses. Conclusively, it would be right to say that the success of Madison lies in its reputation.


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Doe Deere Passion for Make-Up

Doe Deere is a respected figure in the beauty department. Many people in the world know her as the Unicorn Queen who loves colors. The businesswoman was born in Russia. However, her parents chose to raise her in New York City, and this is where she went to school. While at college, the businesswoman specialized in fashion design, and this is how she laid the foundation for her great career. At the moment, Doe Deere is the founder and chief executive officer of a company that is called Lime Crime Cosmetics. According to several platforms, Doe Deere is considered to be one of the first lady entrepreneurs in the United States to launch an online makeup firm. The company was introduced to the market in the year 2008, and it has been doing so well. At the moment, the businesswoman operates her business in Los Angeles, and she has chosen to dedicate herself to create a colorful and at the same time cruelty-free beauty products that have been authorized and certified.


Lime Crime Cosmetics has done quite well in the markets, and it provides customers in the world with loose pigments, eye shadow palettes, nail polish, rainbow-colored liquid liners, glittery lip gloss and several other criminal coveted lipsticks. The company website shows all the products that have been giving consumers a look they have been looking for. Becoming a leader in the cosmetic department has never been a walk in the park. The organization success is attributed to the hard work shown by Doe Deere and her team. The businesswoman says that her passion for beauty products is bigger than all other things in life. Deere wants women in the society to acquire the looks they need without harming their skin with harsh products that are mostly sold in the markets.


Deere started her business several years ago when she was designing and making her cloth designs. At first, the businesswoman was interested in making an independent clothing brand online. This business idea led to the emergence of a make-up brand that could compliment the outfits the businesswoman was making. When Deere was modeling for the cloths she had designed, she realized that she did not find the bright colors she was looking for, and this is why she decided to make them and cater for the needs of the people who needed to look good. When Deere was growing up as a young girl, she was always interested in two primary things; make-up and fairy tales. When she completed her education in one of the leading learning institutions in New York City, the businessman combined these two passions and at the end of the day came up with a cruelty-free makeup company that was going to offer consumers the kind of make-up they were looking for. Lime Crime Cosmetics has excellent products that are unique, and they are famed to be won by women who are confident about themselves. The products represent real beauty, individuality and compassionate to all animals. In most cases, the brand is believed to have a purple color, a sign of creativity.


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Bob Reina: He Sees It

One of the many amazing things about Bob Reina is his ability to see the big picture. This is something that is lost on a lot of people. They don’t see what is in front of them and what they can do and what is waiting for them in the future. Even though it is great to be present and in the moment, it is even better to move ahead while staying present. It is a balancing act of not forgetting about the future while also staying in the moment at the same time as well. The future is coming and it is important to stay focused on the future and have a plan for it. With the future, people are laying the groundwork for what they can do as time goes on and how they can grow as individuals.


Growth is the name of the game when it’s all said and done. If someone is not growing, they are staying in the same place, which is the last thing they want out of life and it is the last thing they need out of life. They need to plow ahead and they need to keep a laser focus. When they are focused, they can do anything they set their minds to as a human being. Bob Reina has always been great at staying focused while working hard and never, ever resting on his past successes.


He knows this is the wrong way to go about running a business. It is going to lead someone down a dangerous path. It is going to set them up failure. They are going to get too big of a head. Bob Reina has always remained humble, and no matter what happens in the future and no matter how big Talk Fusion grows, he is going to keep that same mentality. He is going to treat each and every day like it is the very first day of the business. He knows this is the attitude and the mindset for success.


He also knows the importance of doing something right and doing it with honor and dignity. People out there sometimes lose that because they are so focused on moving ahead and getting the prize. While it is great to have that kind of motivation, sometimes they are going to fall down a dangerous path. That is because they might be stepping on some toes and burning some bridges. That is not what Bob Reina wants from anyone out there. If they are going to get ahead and stay ahead, they need to do it the right way.


They need to do it by respecting themselves and respecting everyone around them at the same time. Learn more:

Alexandre Gama Came From The Bottom

Alexandre Gama knew at an early age that he was cut from the entrepreneurial cloth. After graduating from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation Gama took a job offer as a copywriter for Standard Ogilvy & Mather. It was not his own agency but he worked hard as a copywriter, hoping for a greater opportunity. Finally, after eight years, Gama was recognized for his creative ability and has hired by DM9 as a creative director. Gama began to be noticed for his creativity and outstanding copy, and was widely considered one of the best copywriters in Brazil. His efforts paid off as Gama was brought on to be the CEO and COO of Young & Rubicam, one of Brazil’s top agencies. Alexandre really did begin at the bottom and work his way to the top and in 1999 he ventured out on his own, founding the now world-renown agency, Neogama, in 1999.

Is it a Good Idea to Scalp the Forex Market? Jordan Lindsey Answers

Scalping the forex market describes a particular type of day trading. It is a method of dealing where traders open and close multiple trades throughout a trading session. The objective is to seek out small profits during that period where they are attentively observing the market. The good thing is that they will not fall asleep from boredom. There will be plenty of action. However, the downside is that the market is likely to shred their accounts to pieces.

Jordan Lindsey, the founder of JCL Capital, advises traders to think big. That advice applies especially to the subject of the number of pips traders seek to extract from the market. The problem with scalping is that the spread is a significant percentage of a trade where you may be targeting a four pip move. Couple that with the volatility on even the most efficient currency pairs and you begin to reason that scalping is the most difficult way to try to extract profits from the forex market.

With a typical spread of 1.5 pips which most brokers offer on the EUR/USD, you are profiting 2.5 pips from a four pip move in your direction and losing four pips when the market goes against you. In other words, your losses are near twice the size of your gains. That will not get you to the 7% monthly growth rate Jordan Lindsey has suggested as your target. If you could reverse the math on your profit and loss results, it would make sense to be a high volume scalper. However, without a crystal ball that is impossible.

All scalping trades rely on signals from shorter time frame price charts. The truth is that you are fifty-fifty to win or lose on these trades. Since you are giving up nearly double what you earn, each time you lose, scalping will eventually consume your account. So, unless you have a very lucky charm, I recommend keeping all of your trades to signals coming from one-hour price charts or better, and you should target profits of 30 pips or more per trade. Remember, as Jordan Lindsey has asserted “Think Big.”

A Closer Look at Basis, a Nutritional Supplement by Elysium Health

Many people across the world are beginning to prioritize healthy living despite maintaining busy lives. A balanced diet and regular exercise remain the two key ways to improve your personal wellbeing, but other opportunities to promote wellness have emerged as well.

One additional way to address and improve your health is supplements. Along with a proper diet and exercise, supplements play an integral role in nourishing the body with nutrients and vitamins. While it can be difficult to figure out which supplements are best for you, the payoff for finding the right ones can be significant.

About Elysium Health

Just four years ago, Dr. Leonard Guarente, along with Eric Marcotulli and Dan Alminana, founded Elysium Health. Dr. Guarente is a well-known and established researcher on the molecular and genetic causes of aging at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Marcotulli and Alminana are two thoroughly-seasoned businessmen hailing from venture capital and investment banking respectively.

In 2014, less than one year after Elysium Health was formally established, the company released its first supplement, Basis.

About Basis

Elysium Health recommends Basis—a daily dietary supplement—to all adults. The supplement can be taken with or without food (as it does not upset the stomach) and is both gluten-free and vegan.

Basis consists of just two simple active ingredients—nicotinamide riboside and pterostilbene.

How Basis Works in Humans

As we grow older the levels of NAD+ naturally decrease in our cells. NAD+ is a coenzyme that is required for many cellular functions, like circadian rhythms and energy creation. Thus, as NAD+ levels decrease (which happens as we age), these functions tend to break down.

Basis has been scientifically proven to raise NAD+ levels in humans that consume the recommended dose of the supplement daily. In a clinical study, those who took Basis regularly over a period of at least several weeks, saw an average increase in NAD+ levels of 40%. This increase was sustained as intake of Basis was maintained.

Basis is available for purchase on Elysium Health’s website.